Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Radeon HD 6950 vs Radeon HD 7770


AMD Radeon HD 7770 comes at a price tag around $130-$140 and AMD Radeon HD 6950 comes at a price tag around $220-$230. 3D Marks graphics score of Radeon HD 6950 is 5230-5340 and that of Radeon HD 7770 is 3350-3355.

Radeon HD 6950 amd Radeon HD 7770 comparision

 Feature  Radeon HD 6950    Radeon HD 7770
 Core Speed   500 MHz  1000 MHz
 Shader Speed   -  -
 Memory Speed   1250 MHz  1125 MHz
 Memory Type  GDDR5  GDDR5
 Bus Width  1024 MB  1536 MB
 DirectX  256 bit  128 bit
 Bandwidth  160000 MB/s  72000 MB/s
 Texel Rate  70400  40000
 Pixel Rate  25600  16000
 Shader version  5.0  5.0
 Fab Process  40 nm  28 nm
 Texture Mapping Units  88  40

Verdict: Radeon HD 6950 will handle all the latest games on high-ultra graphics while Radeon HD 7770 will handle games on mid-high-ultra graphics.


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